Beef Delicacies: A Concise Writeup On Beef Dishes

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Beef recipes are packed with nutrients such as proteins, amino acids, and minerals. Beef is loaded with 10 vital nutrients, thats why it is called powerhouse of the nutrients. These nutrients promotes various body functions and maintains tissue health. You can gain a lot from beef dishes because they are healthy, nutritious and filling too. You can cook them and serve them on all special occasions or regularly.

There are 29 types of beef cuts, which can be incorporated in all healthy meals. You can try out preparing several meals using these beef cuts. All beef cuts are not healthy, so you need to choose from the healthier ones. As beef is considered to be healthier meat, still lean meats are the preferred ones, and beef is not one of the kind. The calorie conscious generation of meat eaters are literally count each calorie of the food that they eat, and keeping the needs of such eaters in mind, the food manufacturers have came up with fat-free beef meats. You can choose from different kinds of fat-free meats sold at the departmental stores. Always exercise caution while buying such meats because you need to check many things like the expiry date, amount of preservatives used, etc.

You can improvise on the health factor of fatty beefs by adding herbs, and healthy spices such as greens, lentils, legumes, etc. Fresh herbs bring out the flavor of the meat and increase the overall health content of the meat. Mostly greens like garlic, ginger, spinach, peas, carrot, and onion are used in preparation of the beef dishes. Dairy products such as cheese, sour cream, milk can be added to increase the richness of the beef. If you are more health conscious then you can cut on the salt, and try seasonings made from herbs such as thyme, sage, bay leaves and garlic.

As told earlier there are 29 types of beef cuts , which are used in preparation of various beef recipes. Given below are three types of beef cuts which can be used in preparation of different recipes.

Top Round Steak: You can saut?, broil and grill it for preparing some mouth-watering and nutritious beef recipes.

Eye round roast: This cut of meat is considered to be beneficial and is commonly used in low-calorie and healthy food preparations.. You can braise, saute, and barbeque your beef to whip out nourishing beef recipes.

Flank steak: Like Eye round roast, this cut of meat is also regarded to be healthy and usually utilized in low-calorie food preparations. These beef cuts taste good when marinated with red wine vinegar and supplementary herb seasonings. Generally broiling and roasting is suggested cooking styles of this type of steak.

Beef recipes using low-calories are pretty prevalent nowadays because number of health conscious eaters is on rise.
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Beef Delicacies: A Concise Writeup On Beef Dishes

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This article was published on 2010/12/14