Ground Beef Goulash - Making it Healthier

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Ground beef goulash is an easy dish to make more "body friendly." That is, to make recipes healthier so you can maintain a healthy diet plan while consuming foods you are used to eating.

Such a plan will assure you are eating well. This is especially true if your goal is to maintain a normal weight.

This is a much better tact to take than going on a diet in a spasm of enthusiasm, losing weight, then gaining it all back once you resume your normal eating patterns. Eating healthier meals will help you maintain your weight after losing any extra poundage.

Naturally, healthy eating habits will help you avoid many illnesses.

Ground beef goulash uses ground beef instead of chunks of premium beef used in more traditional versions of this dish because it is less expensive. That helps you stay on budget.

Traditionally, every Hungarian family seemed to have its own version of goulash that was handed down from one generation to the next. Therefore, it is entirely appropriate that you can create your own "body friendly" version.

You can call it goulash or give it an entirely different name if you don't want to create confusion. This will also avoid creating an incorrect mental image of what to expect. If your guest is expecting one version of goulash and gets your healthy version they may be disappointed.

This is all part of the fun when experimenting with recipes and cooking. You get to create a new dish and name it whatever you want to.

It's akin to being an explorer discovering new and exciting recipes. If you discover it you have the right to name it.

Luckily, goulash appears to be like chili in that everyone can claim to have the "true" recipe. The "correct" way of making either chili or goulash has been lost to the passage of time.

But it's always fun to argue the merits of "your" recipe compared to "other" ones.

Healthier Ground Beef Goulash

So, how are you going to make goulash that is healthier than traditional recipes?

You will follow the tenets of a healthy diet as outlined by the Mediterranean diet.

One simple step is to drain the fat off the beef after it is browned. This simple action will remove much of the unwanted fat. Removing unwanted fat reduces calories while minimizing the amount of saturated fat you consume.

That's a good thing.

Increase Fiber Content

The next step to making a healthier goulash is to increase the fiber content. Adding fiber rich foods such as beans (kidney, navy, pinto, etc. all work well) will make your goulash into a healthier meal. Won't adding beans ruin the flavor and character of goulash? Not really. Beans tend to hide in goulash and don't significantly change its flavor. Try it. You may like it.

Why not add more vitamin rich foods?

Vitamin rich foods are not a high priority at this point because goulash is a cooked dish. Heat destroys the raw food enzymes found in natural foods. All of the raw food enzymes and many of the vitamins will be lost when food is cooked.

It's a fact.

Therefore, raw vegetable diet components such as a salad or raw vegetable platter should always accompany any cooked entrée.

That way you will get the enzymes, vitamins, and minerals found naturally in food yet still enjoy your cooked foods.

That makes sense, doesn't it?

Your cooked foods can have the fiber content increased because fiber survives the cooking process.

Fiber is important because it aids digestion and elimination. Its role in ridding your body of detrimental waste is crucial to your health.

Serve goulash with a dollop of low fat sour cream as a garnish. Chopped chives can be added with a spritz of paprika over the sour cream to add color and interest. These little touches transform this dish from bland looking everyday fare into an elegantly presented taste sensation.

Served with a green leafy salad, crusty whole grain bread and a hearty red wine this simple ground beef goulash can be served to guests with pride.

And you thought ground beef goulash was just another boring meal to use for everyday nourishment, didn't you?

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Ground Beef Goulash - Making it Healthier

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This article was published on 2010/03/29