The Perfect Beef For Weight Losers

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When talking about weight loss diets, most people have a hard time accepting that they'll be embarking on a very limiting food experience. A lot of people have grown fat today because they see dieting unpleasant and not worth their while. But if they only knew the simplest principles and that dieting can be fun and tasty too, they might just be on the right track to fitter physique.

It's kind of the way feel when they run out of healthy food options and start hating their diet. This is around the time where the cravings kick in and you end up feeling like going back to the "good" food. However, this is just the easy route to take, and it will be up to you to look for new ways to stay on your diet. So get your ass in the kitchen and start trying all the different beef recipes available.

Hey, you can look great naked and love your food at the same time. By the way...since our goal is to get slimmer and fit, we have to make sure we're ingesting the good meat --- grass-fed beef.

Health Food to Poison

If you want a true health food when it comes to beef, then grass-fed beef is the clear choice. Health benefits include omega-3 (essential fatty acid) and conjugated linoleic acid. Plus, you won't' find nearly as much saturated fats or omega-6s within it.

You have to understand that the stuff you purchase at the store isn't real beef. Instead it really poisons our bodies, even though it looks and tastes like beef. Our problem really is the corn, and just as you thought; the government is behind it.

It's important to understand that cattle adapts to high-cellulose foods. Grass is a must --- that's the reason why they are classified as herbivores or grass-eaters." Cattle that eats corn, soybeans, and various other grains can a tremendous amount of weight. They can also get sick just like us. You produce bad meat which is rich in saturated fat and omega-6 (bad fatty acid).

If you think about the marketing nowadays, only fools would grow corn. Why? Well, it costs a dollar more to produce than its actually worth. Do you know anyone that can eat debt? It is questionable that the government pays a bunch of cattle raisers to grow corn. It creates a huge surplus of corn, which means these gigantic grass-potato (like a couch-potato) cows are force fed.

Did you know it takes around 16lbs. of corn or soy to make 1lbs. of grain-fed beef? This is a fact; and when you do the math on this, the numbers will surprise you! Bottomline is, lessen the demand on corn-fed beef and your grass-fed meat becomes more available than the bad meat. The only reason its here is due to the 5 billion or so dollars a year in government subsidies.

So it's no surprise when we tell you the government uses your tax dollars to pay farmers and cattle growers. The worst part is they're doing it to produce inferior food that poisons the body.

A Grass-Roots Revolution

In the end, we can blame the government for our huge issue with corn-fed, junk-food beef. The only way things can be turned around is by creating a grass-roots revolution. One that will demand grass fed beef and pay the extra money for it.

You might have a little difficulty finding it at your local supermarket, but check the Whole Foods locations near you and there will be grass-fed beef available.

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The Perfect Beef For Weight Losers

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This article was published on 2010/11/22