What Is The Big Deal With Grass Fed Beef?

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The past few years we as consumers are becoming more concerned in how our foods are contained in the packaging and processing we purchase in the stores. We want to know if our vegetables and fruits are being showered in a thick coating of chemicals and pesticides, or if the meat we are purchasing is grass fed beef or grain-fed and hormone injected. The food that we put in our body directly impacts our health and it is imperative to know what foods are damaging to our health.

The only real way to avert the dangers of consuming harmful hormones through meat is to adopt a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. But what if you can't live without your beef? So for those of us who cannot live without our everyday or weekly dosage of meat, getting educated about the difference between beef that was fed grass and beef that was fed grain is a great start. It is all important to understand the causes why grain-fed beef is more frequent in today's marketplace, and why it should be avoided.

When attempting to understand the reasons some cows are pumped full of hormones and fed grain, it is important for you to think of meat as a business. Farmers out there are trying to sell their cows for their beef for a profit. In order to save money during the process of growing cows, they have to get them fat in the quickest way possible.
In order to sell these cows that require to fatten up to a marketable level, they inject them with the hormones. These hormones make the cows gain weight, which means the farmer can sell them sooner. The apparent outcome of this practice is that humans are ingesting this meat that has been pumped full of hormones.

Eventually, the un-natural hormones that were pumped in the cow's body are now in your body and they could have some serious side effects.
Purchasing grass-fed beef will be a little different than what you are used to. It's possible that without all of the hormones, the beef will be less fat thus making your meat less tender. In addition, the taste is slightly different. Just keep in mind that the difference in taste is simply due to the beef not containing bad hormones, and you will love it much more.

Eating beef from cows that are grass fed is really healthier. The meat is less fatty, so the meat is much leaner similar to chicken or turkey. This is a great way to reduce calorie intake while you are dieting, while still getting to indulge in red meat.

Another reason to eat grass-fed beef is to protect the environment. When cows are fed grains, it means that someone has planted the grain and reaped it expending machines and tools that burn fossil fuels and pollute our atmosphere. Grass-fed beef, on the other hand, simply graze for grass like they would in nature.

But for now, you may have to splurge a little if your want to purchase grass fed meat. This is because raising grass-fed beef is much more pricey than grain-fed, hormone injected meat. A little money spent is well worth the better wellness you will have from consuming grass-fed beef instead of hormone-injected beef.
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What Is The Big Deal With Grass Fed Beef?

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This article was published on 2010/11/23