Why You Should Eat Grass-Fed Beef

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How long can you put up with taking in nothing but a half pound of horse meat and some fresh greens everyday? It may sound like you're really gonna get thin, but for how long? And how sure are you that you will stay thin forever? Trust me, there will come a day before the month ends that you'll binge on the junkiest foods on earth.

Most people feel bad about having to go through dieting and be devoid of the fun and tasty meals. All the cravings and temptations start to kick in until you can't take it anymore. In order to change this problem you have to get your ass in the kitchen and start making beef recipes.

We all want to look great naked and love the food we eat at the same time, but this usually isn't the case. However, if you implement grass-fed beef you can make it happen.

Health Food to Poison

Grass-fed beef is by far the best choice available. It's high-quality meat you used to eat as a kid, and it was packed with plenty of proteins, omega-3s, and CLA (conjugated linoleic acid). When you make this choice you don't have to worry about all the saturated fats or omega-6s present.

Remember; what you buy at the store is not real beef! Instead it's packed with poisons, even though it basically tastes the same. If you want to know the true problem it has to be corn, and the government is behind it.

Grass is one of those high-cellulose foods you see cattle adapt to accordingly. We know them as herbivores, but when they consume corn, soybeans, and other grains they can gain weight and get sick just like we do. When this occurs were left with lots of omega-6s in the meat instead of omega-3s.

You won't find too many people growing corn without the help of the government. After all, it costs a dollar more to produce than its worth, and since no one can "eat" debt, there is a huge surplus. So when it comes time to feed the cows; guess where the extra corn goes?

It takes about 16 pounds of corn and soy to equal 1 pound of grain-fed beef. The numbers over the course of a year are crazy, and if the supply and demand wasn't ridiculous we would never see corn-fed beef. Sadly, over 5 billion dollars is spent on this and it just has to stay.

The moment you get to know how everything works, you'll realize that your tax isn't worth going to these types of cattle owners.

A Grass-Roots Revolution

So let's blame the government if we're going to blame someone for all this corn-fed, junk-food beef. We can't beat it unless we come up with a grass-roots revolution where we stop eating it and demand grass fed beef. It will cost a few more dollars, but it is definitely well worth it.

Finding it at your local supermarket will be difficult, but if you look at your local Whole Foods locations you're bound to find some.

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Why You Should Eat Grass-Fed Beef

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This article was published on 2010/10/30